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Did you ever wonder how old is that building?
Did you ever wonder who the architect was?
Did you ever wonder what did this building look like before they added that ugly 50's façade?

When I came to Saint Louis from southern California I started to wonder about these questions and more.
(like where is everybody after 5 pm?).

During my lunchtime walks through the city I started to find answers to those questions.
I used books and the web to find a lot of my answers. There are some really great books
and websites devoted to Saint Louis, but they didn't cover all of the buildings.
Some sites just spoke of the great old buildings, others covered the skyscrapers
and smaller buildings but there was not one site that combined it all (unless I missed it).
So I figured since I had all of this information I would put it out there for people to use (if there even is anyone?!?).

Note: I'm no longer downtown so I will no longer be updating the restaurants.

If anyone has any information or great old pictures or corrections on any of my information,
please email me at

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